Monday, September 28, 2009

Helping children who lost a parent to breast cancer

Lorraine Jackson was diagnosed with very early stage breast cancer when she was 40. Because of the cancer’s early detection, she was able to be treated with radiation. Doctors explained that had this happened to her only 10 years earlier she would have needed a mastectomy.

At that moment Lorraine personally realized how important education and medical innovation are to effectively treating cancer patients.

Spark of Inspiration

During her treatment, Lorraine met other women undergoing treatment for cancer, many of these women were mothers. While fighting for their own health, these mothers were also concerned about their children, and their children's future, especially if they didn't survive the cancer.

This experience inspired Lorraine to start The Lorraine Jackson Foundation. Since 2005, the nonprofit has provided mentoring and college scholarships to children who have lost a parent to breast cancer through their Pearls of Hope Scholarship Program. All students who receive a scholarship from us are students who have a lost their mother to breast cancer. "One lost her mom when she was 11 months old, and another when he was 5. Some students have lost their mother while they were in high school, " Lorraine says.

To make the scholarship awards even more impactful, California Dollars for Scholars matches the amount of each scholarship awarded within their collegiate partner program. But the Lorraine Jackson Foundation doesn’t just provide financial support. It also pairs each student with a mentor who will stay in touch throughout their time in college and beyond.

Increased Need
There has been an influx of scholarship applicants this year, which Lorraine attributes to a growing need in the community to help children who have lost a parent to breast cancer. To date, scholarship recipients have gone on to matriculate at a variety of institutions from UCLA to the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

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